Preventive Dentistry

Preventive Dentistry in Overland Park, KS

Dentists not only clean and repair teeth, but they can help prevent much of the damage that teeth sustain with preventive dentistry. Our dentists care about our patients in Overland Park, KS and want to see them with beautiful, healthy teeth. That is why we prioritize preventive dental care so that problems do not start in the first place.

What is Preventive Dentistry?

When our dentists prevent damage to teeth with treatments or procedures, that is preventive dentistry. Some of the preventive treatments they do include:

  • Dental sealants
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Digital x-rays
  • Cleanings
  • Comprehensive exams

Dental Sealants

Children are not known for their ability or desire to thoroughly brush their teeth. Plus, eating a diet laden with carbohydrates is a recipe for rampant decay. However, our dentists at Dental Care Antioch can brush a sealant on their teeth to help prevent cavities.

The plastic-like covering on the chewing surfaces on their teeth prevents food and drink particles from sticking to teeth and causing decay.

Fluoride Treatments

If your community doesn’t have enough or any fluoride in the water, tooth decay may be prevalent. To keep teeth strong and healthy in Overland Park, KS, our dentists may recommend fluoride treatments on your kids’ or your teeth.

They can brush it on, provide you with a prescription for fluoride tablets, or use foam to cover your teeth to strengthen the enamel on them.

Digital X-rays

Although traditional x-rays can show dentists the structures of your teeth in two-dimensional images, today’s digital x-rays show patients’ teeth in three-dimensional images.

Along with their structures, our dentists can see the soft tissues on screen as well. These images allow them to see the formation of your teeth and what is going with them so they can treat them accordingly.

Exams and Cleanings

Our dentists at Dental Care Antioch can thoroughly examine your teeth to look for problems like cavities, small fractures, gum disease, and oral cancer. They also clean your teeth thoroughly so that there isn’t plaque or tartar build-up on them.

Along with brushing and flossing your teeth at home, our dentists near you in Overland Park, KS can provide preventive dentistry treatments to keep your smile beautiful for the rest of your life.