Mouth Guards in Overland Park, KS

When people are worried about breaking or injuring part of their body, they often think of their arms or legs. However, the mouth is actually one of the most susceptible places to damage, particularly when a person is asleep.

While someone can knock out teeth or injure their jaw during sports, one of the greatest threats is wearing down the teeth and exacerbating the muscles while sleeping. Conditions like bruxism and obstructive sleep apnea are dangerous because they hurt people over a long period of time, causing long-lasting issues.

To avoid the effects of these conditions, it is important to seek a dentist in Overland Park, KS, that offers mouth guards near you. At Dental Care Antioch, we offer the creation of high-quality mouth guards at affordable prices to protect your smile even when you sleep.

What It Is

A mouthguard is an essential component of dental care for patients who have bruxism, obstructive sleep apnea, and other nocturnal disorders. It is a flexible appliance that sits in the mouth, fixes the jaws in place, and prevents the layers of teeth from touching one another.

By holding the mouth in one position, a mouth guard stops the teeth from grinding, the jaw from clenching, and the throat muscles from relaxing and blocking the airway.

The Process

Receiving a custom mouthguard is not as complicated as it sounds. Our experienced dentist will make a mold of your natural bite by having you bite down on a piece of malleable material. They will also take x-rays to take a look at your jaws.

This information is then sent to our dental lab, where technicians use machinery to craft your ideal mouth guard out of rubber or plastic. After two weeks, it is sent back to Dental Care Antioch. You then return for a fitting appointment and can take the guard home.

How to Get One

If you are interested in a mouthguard in Overland Park, KS, contact us today to schedule an appointment. We can work with new or recurring patients and will customize your mouthguard to suit your unique biting style and mouth shape.