Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride Treatment in Overland Park, KS

We, at Dental Care Antioch, strongly believe that healthy teeth are crucial for your child’s oral and overall health. Poor oral care and neglected teeth can result in disease, infection, and extended treatment.

Our experienced dentists are adept at working with young patients, and they will keep your child comfortable from start to finish. Regular brushing, healthy eating habits, and twice-a-year visits to the dentist help your child develop good habits early on.

Tips for Good Dental Hygiene

Most children may need help with brushing and flossing until they are about seven years old.

Parents and caregivers can make dental hygiene fun with the help of the tips provided below:

  • Allow your child to pick their favorite toothpaste and brush. They can choose their favorite flavor and cartoon toothbrushes to make brushing more enjoyable.
  • Show them videos about dental care and why it’s essential for them.
  • Play their favorite nursery rhyme or song while they brush their teeth. This will ensure that they brush their teeth for at least 2 minutes.
  • Plan fun activities after they visit the dentist at Dental Care Antioch.
  • Never use sugary treats to reward children; choose to give healthy fruit instead.
  • Please encourage them to brush their teeth before they get too tired and cranky at the end of the day.

The dental team at Dental Care Antioch is always happy to welcome new patients to our family.

The Role of Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride plays a key role in preventing cavities and reverse early tooth decay. Your child may develop cavities if they have whitish or brownish spots on their teeth, were born with low birth weight, or have not visited the dentist for more than a year.

Children and adults who suffer from low saliva production may also suffer from an increased risk of cavities. Saliva contains enzymes that counter bacterial action. The fluoride varnish forms a protective layer and re-mineralizes the tooth while preventing bacteria from attacking the enamel.

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