Family Dentistry

Family Dentistry in Overland Park, KS

At Dental Care Antioch we’re happy to see patients and provide them with family dentistry services. Your family deserves to have great dental health. Family dentistry in Overland Park, KS, is preventive and therapeutic. As dentists near you, our goal is to optimize your dental health.

It’s always better to prevent dental decay and diseases, but if they happen, we’ll treat them. Finding a dentist in Overland Park, KS, that can provide family dentistry near you can make a huge difference. Our training and experience allow us to treat patients of different ages and handle their dental needs.

Preventive Visits and Procedures

Preventing dental problems is essential. Despite the available restorative options, nothing is quite as great as our natural teeth. At Dental Care Antioch, we recommend that people see their dentists every six months for regular exams and cleanings. During these visits, we’ll check for any early signs of trouble and clean your teeth. Removing plaque and tartar will lower your risk of dental infections.

We can also provide fluoride treatments and dental sealants. These procedures are recommended in most children. Fluoride treatments help strengthen teeth and stop decay. Dental sealants are used to prevent excessive bacterial replication that can be harmful to your child’s oral health.

Therapeutic Procedures

Dental problems aren’t always completely preventable. Dental cavities, in particular, are very common. We can treat cavities using fillings. Cavities are usually diagnosed during routine visits. It’s also possible for them to be detected when a patient sees us for tooth pain.

Gum disease treatment is also an area where we have plenty of experience. Gingivitis and periodontal disease vary in severity. We know how to create a treatment plan tailored to the patient’s dental status and needs. Scaling and root planing will be needed in all cases with possible antibiotics use. Severe cases will most likely require flap surgery.

At Dental Care Antioch, we want to provide your family with inclusive dental services, so you have everything you need in one place. To schedule an appointment, call our office.