Dental Extractions in Overland Park, KS

There’s no need to worry about dental extraction here at Dental Care Antioch in Overland Park, KS. We’ll take good care of you before, during, and after the procedure. We understand that extractions can be stressful for patients. That’s why we’ve put effort into finding ways to making it comfortable, more convenient, and with little to no complications.

We perform several extractions each month. Our dentists are experienced and are backed with the necessary tools. We will only recommend an extraction if we think it’s necessary. Understandably, people don’t want to lose their natural teeth and have them replaced with artificial alternatives.

Do You Need an Extraction?

A dental extraction has to be done with the patient’s best interest. If a tooth will cause more harm than good, it’ll be best to remove it. Wisdom teeth can lead to a lot of problems. They don’t always have enough space to grow, which can lead to overcrowding and pressure. If impacted, they can damage the 2nd molars. Wisdom teeth aren’t essential, and we can all live without any of them. Our 2nd molars, however, are important, and we care about preserving them.

Dead tissue can act as a nidus for infection. Bacteria can accumulate around a dead tooth. This is bad because it can affect the oral hygiene and the entire body. Removing dead teeth is important to prevent these complications. Additionally, there’s no benefit in leaving them in the mouth.

Recovering from an Extraction

Recovery from dental extractions takes a few days. Recovering from a simple extraction can take a couple of days, while recovering from a surgical extraction can take up to a week. Surgical extractions are associated with more trauma to the mouth. This leads to more swelling and potential discomfort.

We’ll give you painkillers that you can take for the first few days. You should also bite on the gauze we give you to help stop bleeding. To minimize and control swelling, you can place ice on your jaw over the skin. There will be more instructions, and we’ll give them to you in detail.