Exams & Cleanings

Dental Exams & Cleanings in Overland Park, KS

Having regularly scheduled dental exams and cleanings from our dentist near you not only ensures the health and beauty of your smile for decades to come, but they are also an instrumental component of preventive dentistry in Overland Park, KS to protect you against other – often costlier – procedures. Keep reading to learn how the expert and caring team at Dental Care Antioch can help you achieve a smile that can last a lifetime with regular exams and cleanings near you.

Preventive Dentistry is the Best Dentistry 

Many people think it’s normal for their gums to bleed a little bit when they brush or floss. In truth, however, your gums should never bleed. So, when they do, it’s your mouth’s way of telling you that treatment from a dentist in Overland Park, KS like the team at Dental Care Antioch is needed. In many cases, your bleeding gums can be reversed by performing an exam and cleaning in Overland Park, KS. This treatment time will also allow our dental care team to assess whether your gums are bleeding from something that may require additional care such as gum disease, decayed teeth, loose teeth, or more.

When you visit our dentist and team for preventive dental care regularly (at least once a year, but preferably twice a year to ensure optimum oral health), we’ll be able to detect conditions such as decay, early gum disease, and loose teeth before the conditions worsen and require additional treatment that involves more of a time commitment on your end than adhering to your regular exam and cleaning appointments.

That means that if you value your time and your health, it makes smart sense to be proactive toward your preventive dental care instead of being reactive to restorative dental care in Overland Park, KS. It’s never too late to book an appointment for exams and cleanings in Overland Park, KS with our dentist. Our easy-to-use online booking tool is a great way to get started!

Gentle Dentistry in Overland Park, KS from the Team at Dental Care Antioch

If you’ve been letting your dental anxiety prevent you from maintaining a preventive dental schedule that includes exams and cleanings near you, rest assured that our dentist is committed to providing gentle dentistry during every stage of your oral health care. Make an appointment now to get started!