How Same-Day Dentistry Can Save Your Time, Money & Oral Health

How Same-Day Dentistry Can Save Your Time, Money & Oral Health

Aug 01, 2020

With the majority of our patients coming in our practice for exams and cleanings, others seek to correct deficiencies, stop a degenerative process, or improve cosmetics. Typically, this requires a lot of time and planning, not forgetting the cost of each visit to work out how you will get the dental intervention you need.

This translates to multiple visits before you get the problems fixed. Imagine that you have a cracked tooth that you need to fix and have to come for at least two visits. Meaning that you will wait for approximately three weeks before you get the permanent crown.

If you have a cosmetic issue, why wait for several weeks before it is fixed?

Same-Day Dentistry 101

Same-day dentistry has come at a convenient time when people are busier and need to save a buck. Same-day dentistry has been made possible because of the incorporation of modern digital technology in dental procedures.

The whole purpose is to condense the lengthy process involved in creating customized veneers or crowns into a single visit. When the computed assisted and manufacturing system (CAM) is in-house, same-day dentistry is now possible.

CAM is a highly precise machine that allows our dentist in Overland Park to make replacements or repair teeth more accurately and can be completed in a single visit. It sounds crazy, but believe it or not, you can receive customized metal-free, veneers crowns, inlays, etc., while you are waiting in the lounge.

If you thought that your teeth couldn’t be fixed in one day, think again.

So, what are the benefits of same-day treatment?

Benefits of Same-Day Treatment

Some of the benefits of same-day treatments include:

  • Guarantees Faster Transformation

You no longer have to wait for weeks before you get the treatment that you need. Be it a crown, a veneer, or a bridge; you are guaranteed to leave our dentist’s office transformed after a single visit.

  • Precise Treatment

Using 3D digital imaging and an in-house manufacturing machine, you can be certain that you will receive a more precise and comfortable treatment. There is no need for readjustments during the dental procedure.

  • Saves On Time

With same-day treatment, we have eliminated the need for multiple visits to get the treatment that you need. Most procedures typically take at least three visits to get done. But now, you can come in during lunch break, and before you know it, you are back at work, transformed.

  • Cost-Effective

It is considered to be pocket-friendly simply because you have eliminated the multiple visits. You will only have to pay for a single visit. There are also hidden costs that come as a result of coming numerous times to get a procedure done.

You also hope that you will not develop any issues that will have to be resolved before getting the procedure you need. This might mean that you have to part with an extra buck.

  • Save Yourself From Oral Health Problems

Crowns or bridges are good solutions for missing teeth. Hence they can help prevent your remaining teeth from being loose. You can also put gum disease at bay if you use same-day treatment.

If you are waiting to get a crown, you will have to get a temporary crown, during the three week waiting period, you might develop problems that have to be fixed before the procedure is completed.

While you are waiting for your treatment, you might also be susceptible to further tooth loss or a misaligned bite. This means that you will have more headaches and jaw pain. You can avoid all these issues by seeking same-day treatment.

What Are Same-Day Dental Treatments to Expect

These are the same-day dental treatments that our dentist Dr. Frankie Banhart performs:

  • CEREC Same-day crowns – these are made using the CAM/CAD machine in a single visit
  • Veneers – the custom-made shells will be designed from start to finish in-house, and the gaps or chips that you came in with, will vanish when you leave our office.
  • Bridges can be customized while you wait.
  • A root canal can be done to remove diseased nerves and prevent further damage to your teeth.
  • Same-day implants, also known as immediate load implants, can be done, and a temporary tooth can be placed on the implant. This type of implant can be placed in an extraction site shortly after the procedure is completed. However, this option does not apply to everyone. Extra tests have to be done to ascertain whether you can get the implants.

If you’d love to know more about same-day treatment, call us at Dental Care Antioch, and we would love to answer all your questions.